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Highly qualified, professional support
SC Bio is the New Zealand company that specialises in Endotoxin testing, Microbial detection and Microbial identification. Founded by Managing Director, Aaron Watson, SC Bio services the needs of a number of commercial and public sector enterprises throughout the country.

Aaron holds a BSc in Microbiology along with a PostGraduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Auckland, making him your ideal first point of contact for your enquiry.

Since 2008 we have been supporting the Charles River Endosafe range. We are passionate about Microbial Detection for manufacturers to provide the highest standard of healthcare in protecting patients from ubiquitous contaminants.

Existing customers

  • District Health Boards
  • Food/Beverage/Dairy
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Life Science
  • Abattoirs

References available on request.

Ongoing service and maintenance

Our specialism allows us to be rapidly available to customers when required. We are fully trained in the service and repair of Charles River equipment and have replacement equipment and parts at hand if required. We are further assisted by three Australian-based representatives who can provide additional support.

Currently there areĀ 22 PTS (Portable Testing System) instruments andĀ 4 MCS (Multiple Cartridge System) instrument in New Zealand; the first being installed in 2008. As our commitment to clients is nation-wide, we are commonly on the road so the best form of contact is to Aaron Watson directly.

For Endotoxin Testing & Microbial Identification in New Zealand we are the company you need. Contact Aaron Watson in person on 021 114 0079 or email awatson@scbio.co.nz.