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Glucan Testing

Fast simple Glucan interference check
Glucans are known to cause false positive results in LAL assays, triggering the need for further investigations. Our Endosafe®-PTS™ Glucan assay allows you to quickly and easily quantify these Glucans, leading to better process monitoring and faster out-of-specification (OOS) resolutions.

The Endosafe®-PTS™ Glucan assay is a rapid, in-process test designed for investigational purposes to validate that your yeast-derived products are clear of (1,3)-ß-D Glucans. The disposable Glucan cartridges the system uses have a sensitivity range of 10-1,000 pg/ml, yield results in less than 30 minutes, and can be run on the same portable instrument that is used for PTS™ Endotoxin detection or PTS™ Gram ID.

Glucan-specific buffering compounds for added security

We additionally offer a Glucan Blocking buffer for those compounds that are known in advance to have a strong possibility of being contaminated by Glucans. Talk to us about how we can best assist your operations today.

To discuss your Glucan testing requirements contact Aaron Watson during business hours on 021 114 0079 or email awatson@scbio.co.nz.