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Lab Testing

Specialised Testing – Quality Service
Our testing services are performed in house or with certified partners, North Shore Hospital Auckland and Accugenix in South Korea. We can measure Endotoxins, identify environmental microbes (bacteria/yeast/mould/fungi), and check water sterility.

We aim to provide fast turn around times using the most accurate technologies available.

The industries we currently service include;

  • Dialysis
  • Life Science
  • Food & Dairy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Abattoirs (Livestock Blood Products – Bovine Serum – Porcine Serum – Bobby Calf Serum – Bovine Plasma)
  • Research
  • Home and Beauty Products

We use the most specific technology for microbial identification, Maldi-Tof and DNA sequencing. The gold standard 16S for Bacteria and ITS region for fungi.

Endotoxin Testing is performed with Charles River Endosafe LAL Reagents on the innovating PTS cartridge system.

High quality, proven technology

Our Testing Services;

  • Microbial Identification
  • Sample Culture
  • CFU / TVAC / Sterility Testing (Membrane Filtration)
  • Endotoxin Test LAL
  • Glucan Test LAL
  • Endotoxin Proficiency Service
  • Sample Preparation Method Development for LAL testing

To discuss your laboratory testing requirements contact Aaron Watson during business hours on 021 114 0079 or email awatson@scbio.co.nz.