Celsis Rapid Microbial Detection

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Enzyme Enhanced Atp Bioluminescence

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Charles River is a leader in microbial detection. The Celsis Accel and Advance systems of ATP Bioluminescence offer an innovative line of rapid testing systems that are utilised worldwide by a diverse customer base for fast, accurate and reliable results. These assays improve clients’ operational efficiencies by providing enhanced ease of use and accelerated turnaround times. They are used regularly for raw materials, line feed broth and product testing. Companies such as Unilever have validated their quality control with ATP Bioluminescence to FDA standard for release.

The Charles River Celsis Rapid Microbial Detect has enhanced resolution that assists food, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies, government agencies and leading academic institutions around the globe accelerate their manufacturing processes and save money.

Supply and service for New Zealand operations

SC Bio imports and distributes a range of superior product and service lines for New Zealand organisations including enzyme enhanced ATP Bioluminescence for optimising warehousing and product release. Talk to us about how we can best support your operations today.

To discuss your rapid microbial detection requirements contact Aaron Watson during business hours on 021 114 0079 or email

We are proud to support over forty New Zealand companies using Charles River LAL Reagents to ensure the safety of their products.